krediti.jpg Micro-credits, mortgage loans, loan against car, loan against financial instruments pic_slivania.png Preparation of documents for bank and alternative financing, Financial analyses, Business plans, Development of projects proposals for funding under the national and European programs
MoneyGram.jpg MoneyGram international money transfers and domestic /"FaktorEkspres/" transfers. kraudanding.jpg Crowdfunding - an alternative form of financing, a new way for people with interesting ideas to obtain funds for their realization
zastrahovane.jpg Motor cars, Property, Accidents, Agricultural, Travel assistance, Medical insurance, General liability, Financial risks Izdatelstvo.png Publishing activities of "Atlas Finance" PLC as opposition to the question: "Do Google and the new technologies make us become stupid?” About the books, life in Bulgaria and the financial literacy ...
Obuchenie.jpg Financial literacy, Planning and management of personal budget, Sources of income, Saving, Investing, Rights of the consumers of financial services Schetovodstvo.jpg Ongoing accounting services and year-end closing; Payroll services; forms for retirement; Preparation of documents for company formation - Ltd, JSC and cooperatives in the Bulgarian Commercial Register
konglomerat.jpg New alternative for business development through e-commerce, cooperation, financing, distribution and marketing of products and services konf.jpg Organizing and conducting of seminars and conferences on current financial, economic and legal topics

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